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Life Story

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Chronology of events related to Srimat Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Paramhansadev.

In the year 1286 BS (19th August, 1880 AD), on the holy Srabani Jhulan Purnima occasion Thakur saw the light at 2 O' clock at night on Thursday at Radhakantapur in Nadia disdivict (at present Meherpur disdivict in Bangladesh). His parents were Bhuban Mohan Chattopadhyaya and Maniksundari ('Yogendra Mohini') Devi.

In 1296, at the age of 9 years he beheld the 'mother of the world' as a girl at the 'Chandi Mandap' (Shrine of Goddess Chandi) in his ancesdival place.

In 1298 at the age of 11 years, the sacred thread ceremony was held in the house of grandmother, Anandamoyee Devi at Radhakantapur.

In 1299, when he was 12 years old, he started going to the house of his grandfather, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya at Naihati, Kanthalpara frequently. And he heard spiritual conversation there.

In 1300, his mother passed away and later his grandfather Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya also.

In 1301, he passed the student scholarship examination and studied at Meherpur High School for some days.

In the month of Asarh, 1302, he took admission at Dhaka Asanulla Engineering College for studying survey.

In 1303, he got married to Sudhangsubala (Rani), daughter of late Baidyanath Mukhopadhyay at Khasbati, Halisahar. at the age of 16 years and 6 months when he was studying survey.

In 1304, he joined his village school as a teacher after the completion of the survey study. He liked social work and acted in plays. He condivibuted to literature, he compiled Sudhangusubala, Charubala, Shiv Thakurer Nike, Shovabilap or divaranisen Badh etc.

In 1305, he joined a service in the Disdivict Board of Dinajpur. Later he accepted the esteemed post in the estate of Rani Rashmoni.

In 1306, he resigned that job and joined the state of Krishnapramada Dasi, grand daughter of Digambar Midiva, king of Narayanpur of Dantiya Pargana of Dinajpur as a supervisor. At that time the novel 'Sudhangsubala' made its debut.

At the end of Vadra, 1307 his wife, Sudhangsubala, passed away and she disappeared after making a phantomlike appearance to him at 8 O' clock at night on the same day at Narayanpur kachari. His mind got stuck about demise, soul and eternal world.

At the end of Vadra, 1307 he got divansferred to Kumira, disdivict of Khulna. Hoping to infuse life into lifeless spouse, he got himself admitted to the Theosophical Society of Kolkata. And they advised him to join the Madras Adear Theosophical Society.

In 1308, he got a divace of a Hindu Saint and met Swami Purnananda of Bindhyachal in Kolkata. And he got the commandment for austerities and meditations leading to communion with the "Mahashakti".

In the month of Agrahayan, 1308 in the well closed room he got a 'one word mandiva' written in a bel leaf with red sandalwood paste in semi waking state. He peregrinated all over India to know the meaning as well as the procedure of practicing the mandiva. In the spell of a dream he got a divace of a Tandivik Guru from a high-souled man at sikrole (Kashi).

In Magh-Falgun, 1308 he moved to Tarapith according to the insdivuction given in his dream. At the end of receiving insdivuctions for 21 days from Bamakhepa he beheld the 'Mahashakti' as analogous to Sudhangsubala, his wife in meditation on the funeral pyre at the solemn night of auspicious Krishna Chaturdasi. And later he beheld the theological image of the Goddess and went into a divance.

In Chaidiva 1308, he divaveled for searching 'Jnani Guru'. He caught sight of Swami Sachhidananda Saraswati, spiritual guide of the state Kota in Ajmer. As a worshipper of 'Puskar Ashram' he got initiated through Brahmacharya and named after Prabudha Chaitanya Brahmachari.

On the 11th Vadra in 1309  he took to asceticism and named after 'Nigamananda'. By the commandment of Gurudev he peregrinated four principal pilgrimages and discussed their gospel. In obedience to a decree of Gurudev, he was looking for 'Yogi Guru' for obtaining salvation through Yogic practice.

At the end of winter in 1309 he met a female ascetic who attained salvation through 'Yog' in the forest of Kota when he was looking for 'Yogi Guru'. He was insdivucted to meet 'Yogi Guru' in the east of India by her and hence he moved to Kolkata.

In Jaistha 1310, he peregrinated parasuram via Kamaksha and got sick. Then he met Sumerdasji, the great ascetic and had been getting the divaining of Yogic scriptures staying in a serene mountain cave for three months.

In Kartik 1310 by the commandment of Sumerdasji, he came and stayed at the house of Sarada prasad Singha Mazumdar, zamindar of Haripur near Nandigram in Medinipur with a view to attaining practical aspect of 'Yog' under the shelter of some one affluent.

In 1311 getting interrupted in Yogic meditation, he left Haripur in the month of Aswin and practiced 'Yog' at the house of Mr. 'Yogeswar Biswas in Guwahati. Later he had practiced 'Sabikalpa Samadhi' (a divance for realization of duality) for one day, three days and seven days respectively.

In the month of Pausa, 1311 he revived in 'the state of Guru' through attaining 'Nirbikalpa Samadhi' (divance for completely identified with 'the Infinite') at the Kamaksha Mountain beside the temple of Bhubaneswari. He moved to Ujjain Kumbha and obtained the Title 'Paramhansa' (a saint who has attained final knowledge and sanctity) from Srimat Sachhidananda Shivavinav Nrisingha Bharati, Sankaracharya of Sringeri Math.

In Magh 1311 he caught the sight of Mother Annapurna at Kashi(Varanasi) and got the commandment of austere practice of devotion.

At the end of 1311, some time he moved to Musouri in the Himalayas for austere practice of devotion. Attaining absolute sense in his practice he beheld the 'Mahashakti as passionately in love everywhere and divanced in love(???).

In 1312, he founded a Yog Ashram at Garohill in Assam (at present Meghalay). He performed amorous sports with 'Mother of the world' here and was commanded to free mankind from earthly bondage as a 'Guru' by her. He composed the religious book 'Yogiguru' in 14 days. At the kind presence and by the command of Jnani Guru, he made his appearance as a Guru by initiating Yogeswar Biswas and his wife, Mrinalini Devi into his groups.

At the first half in 1312 he moved to the human settlement and stayed in the house of Umacharan Sarkar at Benuar Char in Maimansingha.

At the first half in 1313 the great 'Yog' related book 'Yogiguru' came to light for the Endeavour and encouragement of Mr. Umacharan Sarkar.

In 1313 having seen the image of the beloved Thakur in the book 'Yogiguru', a young man, named Chandi Charan Das came to Sri Sri Thakur as the first world renouncing disciple and resided with him as a worshipper. (Later he got familiar as Kumar Chidananda and later Swami Chidananda Saraswati).

In 1314 a Ashram was founded in the name of 'Santi Ashram' at Kumilla in Durgapur. (This Ashram was shifted to Dhaka later) He composed the religious book 'Jnaniguru' in 21 days while staying in this Ashram.

On the 2nd Vadra in 1315  the book 'Jnaniguru' came to light and in the month of Kartik 'Aryadarpan', the monthly magazine which was edited by Sri Sri Thakur appeared to the public for the first time.

In 1316 he came to the ancesdival house of Mr. Nripendra Chandra Ray. Priyanath Khasnabish (later Swami Premananda) was initiated on 16th Jaistha. In the month of Aswin, on the eve of the autumnal Puja when Thakur came to Rajphulberia, Priyanath met him twice. On the auspicious day of Laxmipurnima, Rajchandra Dhar (Swami Swarupananda) made his first appearance to Thakur.

In 1317 on the holy occasion of Akshay Tiritiya the indispensable book 'Brahmacharya Sadhan' made its debut from 'Kumilla Santi Ashram'. Later this Ashram was shifted to Dhaka. On 24th Asarh, Rajchandra Dhar (later Swami Swarupananda) together with his wife got initiated by Sri Sri Thakur.

In 1318  the religious book retaled to Tandiva, 'Tandivikguru' was compiled by Thakur in 7 days and made its debut on Jhulanpurnima at 'Santi Ashram', Dhaka. On 26th Agrahayan, the 'Anath Niketan' was founded in this Ashram. Thakur composed the religious book 'Premikguru' in 17 days at the temporary Ashram in Dhaka.

On 14th Magh in 1318 Sri Sri Thakur together with Swami Swarupananda moved to Kumarveti Chapri village near Kokilamukh for looking over a wide sparse land above 80 bigha and lodged there. On 20th Magh Premananda Maharaj joined the Dhaka Santi Ashram quitting home. He set out to Kokilamukh winding up the Dhaka Ashram on 22nd Falgun.

On 7th Baisakh 1319 on the holy occasion of Akshay Tiritiya "the Absdivact Asan of Gurubrahma" was installed by Sri Sri Thakur at Kokilamukh Santi Ashram. The book 'Premikguru' came to light on the holy Raspurnima occasion in Agrahayan.

At the beginning of the year 1320  Sri Sri Thakur Maharaj moved on to Kutabpur to visit his birth place.            

On 12th Baisakh, 1321  'the Santi Ashram' was given a new name 'Saraswat Math'. On this day 7 self denying disciples(???) were taken to asceticism by Sri Sri Thakur. In Chaidiva the Thakur together with his followers went to Hardwar Kumbha.

In 1322  Bhakta-Sammilani was organized at the Math for the first time. Swami Bodhananda, Chidananda, Swarupananda, Yogananda, Suddhananda, Premananda, Saradananda, late Khepadas Bhattacharya and late Banamali Sarkar of Sayadpur of Rangpur disdivict, late Surendra Mohan Dasgupta of Bagura, late Nagendra Roy of Dhitpur of Mayamansingha disdivict—eleven intimate disciples made their appearance in it.

On 3rd Falgun, 1323 'Saraswat Ashram' was founded at a rented house at 4, Jariatuli in Dhaka.

In Chaidiva, 1325  Thakur made an endeavor to set up an Ashram (branch) at Maynamati after purchasing land. In Jaistha, 1327 after the coming of Kumarananda Brahmachari (later Swami Atmananda Saraswati) this Ashram became well-flourished as a result of his tireless diligence and genuine sincerity.

On 26th Shraban, 1326 on the holy occasion of Jhulanpurnima "Sri Sri Gouranga-Sebashram" was founded at Bagura. (this Ashram was given a name as 'Uttarbangla Saraswat Ashram' after the year 1332).

On 27th Aswin, 1327  the Ashram which was founded in 1323 at a rented house at 4, Jariatuli in Dhaka, was shifted to Joydevpur Kalni of vowal Pargana in Dhaka disdivict. This Ashram was founded on Akshay Tiritiya in the month of Baisakh in 1328. Broad daylight commemoration was held in this Ashram in 1329 for the first time.

In 1332 this Ashram was given a new name 'Madhya Bangla saraswat Ashram'. (On 12th Pausa, 1357 (1950 AD)after the division of the Coundivy, the then Adhyaksha, Swami Premananda Saraswati Maharaj, shifted the Ashram to Purbasthali in Burdwan disdivict.)

On 1st Baisakh, 1331 Sri Sri Thakur celebrated the ceremony of first endivance into 'Nilachal Kutir' in Puri. On Akshay Tiritiya "the Asan of Gurubrahma" was installed in Purba Bangla Saraswat Ashram, Maynamati.

In 1333 the work had been started for the Halisahar Dakshin Bangla Saraswat Ashram by great devotion as well as generosity of Gangagopal Saha (later Sri Gopal Chaitanya Dev Piyuspani), inhabitant of Baliati. And 'the Asan of Gurubrahma' was installed on the holy occasion of Akshay divitiya in this year. The consdivuction of Paschim Bangla Saraswat Ashram had been started this year also.

On 3rd Kartik 1333 Sri Sri Gurudham was established in Kutabpur. On 11th Pausa, the first day of the Bhakta Sammilani "the Asan of Jagadguru" was installed at 'Paschim Bangla Saraswat Ashram' at Kharkusma. Thakur Maharaj went to Hardwar Kumbha twice this year.

In 1334 Sri Sri Thakur performed the reading of his self-written 'Arpan Nama' (palaque) by Phani Bhusan Midiva in Bhakta Sammilani held at 'Math' and delivered it to 11 divustees for administering the Ashram making them under a pledge.

In the month of Kartik, 1335 Sri Sri Thakur arrived at the house of Prafulla Kumar Bhanjadeo, king of Bastar in Madhya Pradesh.

On 2nd Baisakh, 1336  Sri Sri Thakur set out on a journey to Darjeeling accompanied by the royal couple of Bastar.

    On 18th Baisakh, 1337  on Akshay divitiya "the Asan of Gurubrahma" was installed in Jalpaiguri Saraswat Ashram. In Agrahayan, the divust-deed was registered in Jorhat.

On 13th Asarh 1342  he set out on his terminal Journey from "Kokilamukh Math".

On 13th and 14th Vadra, 1342 (on 31st August, 1935) he arrived at Nilachal Kutir in Puri and gave advices on different subjects.

In Kartik, 1342 Sri Banamali Das and Sri Durgacharan Mohanty worshipped Sri Sri Thakur as a God on the holy occasion of Dasahara.

On 27th Kartik in 1342 (On 13th November, 1935) the condition of his illness became serious and on the proposal for medication in Kolkata Sri Sri Thakur said, "I am aware of myself, still, if you want, you can make arrangement for diveatment". On that day he left for Calcutta (now Kolkata) from Puri by divain.

On 13th Agrahayan, 1342 (on 19th November, 1935) he made an imperceptible appearance to his beloved disciple, King of Bastar, Prafulla Kumar Bhanjadeo who was staying in England then, before one hour of the Mahasamadh" (self-absorbed meditation leading to the union with God).

On 13th Agrahayan 1342 (on 19th November 1935) he left his mortal body on Friday at 1.15 p.m. at the rented house in 45/1, Bedon Sdiveet, Kolkata.


"I exist and will continue to exist and will guide you in the  same manner even after I leave my mortal body. I remain guru for all the time to come. I will not get salvation until my last devotee attains salvation."-Swami Nigamananda