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Prachar Bibhag

History About Prachar Bhibhag -

prachar bibhag Srimat Swami Nigamananda Paramhansadev printed the book 'Yogiguru', the first book written by him, at 'Coton Press' in Kolkata. It was published at Pargana Palitdaha, Benuachar Maimansingh. The second book 'Jnaniguru' and  third book 'Brahmacharya Sadhan' was come to light at Kumilla Durgapur.

'Aryadarpan', the preface of Hindu religion and tradition, was published as monthly magazine for the first time from Durgapur. 'Tantrikguru', the fourth book by Shr Shri Thakur was published after the shifting of the Ashram from Durgapur to Dhaka. 'Premikguru', the fifth book was compiled by that time but published at Kokilamukh. Then the Publication Department of the Math, popularly known as 'Prachar Bibhag' was instituted at Kokilamukh formally.

First time books were printed at Jorhat. Next time a press named 'Yogamaya Yantra' was installed at Math. Due to various reasons it being impossible to run the 'Prachar Bibhag' at Math, it was shifted to Uttar Bangla Saraswat Ashram, Bagura. It was run at Bagura for a long period. At the time of division of country 'Prachar Bibhag' again was shifted to Dakshin Bangla Saraswat Ashram, Halisahar forcefully. Till 1383 B.S. 'Prachar Bibhag' of Kokilamukh Math remained at Halisahar. There after the 'Prachar Bibhag' was shifted to Kolkata temporarily due to various reasons.

Finally the 'Prachar Bibhag' was instituted at Panihati in 24 Parganas district in November, 1997 permanently.