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Having attained the ultimate goal of four kinds of religious exercises, Srimat Swami Nigamananda Paramahansadev took up the propagation of the everlasting Hindu religion as his mission. He devoted himself to the propagation and dissemination of the everlasting religion by bringing out a monthly magazine named 'Aryadarpan',  the literary medium of the Ever-abiding Hindu religion. The period of first publication of this magazine is the month of Kartick of the Bengali year 1315. The inscrutable tenets of Arya Sastra began to be illumined in 'Aryadarpan'. This magazine averse to advertisement holds a position of distinction in its own right. The articles relating to the propagation of the everlasting Hindu religion and meant for spiritual uplift are published in this magazine without the odium of communalism.


Assam-Bangiya Saraswat math,

conducted under the supervision of Kokilamukh and managed by Sannyasi-Brahmachari Sangha.

Price—Rs. 10.00 for each copy, Annual price—Rs. 120.00 Price for a lifetime(for 20 years) subscriber—Rs. 2400.00

Place of publication—Assam Bangiya Saraswat Math, Prachar Bibhag, Raja Ramchand Ghat Road,

P.O.-Panihati, Kolkata-700114, Phone—033-25635486, E-Mail— saraswatmath@gmail.com


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