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   The Blessed Saint Vedavyas could not derive spiritual satisfaction in spite of composing in his life time many religious treatises. Eventually he derived profound spiritual calm by composing the Paramahansa Sanghita Srimat Bhagavad on the advice of the sage Narada. As willed by his Infinite Holiness the lord of the universe, Srimat Swami Nigamananda Paramhansadev too undertook in the same way the onerous responsibility of revealing to the mass a part of the spiritual wealth acquired by him through prayer and religious exercises and composed with this end in view, he composed the books like Yogiguru, Jnaniguru and so on, published the monthly magazine 'Aryadarpan' the literary medium of the everlasting religion and set up monasteries, religious homes and associations. But still he did not derive complete satisfaction. Eventually on the occasion of his stay at Gambhira of Kashidham he felt the inward urge for holding the Sarvabhouma Bhakta Sammilani (summit conference of his votaries). From that place he wrote to his devoted disciples—  

''It is known to my intimate disciples that I desire a convention of devotees to be held each year in separate places during the Christmas holidays. This practice should be initiated this year. Hence I have decided to hold the first conference at 'Kokilamukh Saraswat Math' . The 11th, the 12th and the 13th day of the month of Pous have been fixed up as the dates for holding the conference. Hence you should reach Kokilamukh on the 10th day of Pous. You must attend this conference by leaving aside all preoccupations however important they may be. This will uphold the glory of the Math and promote the good of the world. I hope that you will abide by this order of mine with genuine interest unless some accidental mishap prevents you from doing so." -Swami Nigamananda                     

He derived utmost satisfaction by initiating this practice of holding the summit conference of his devotees. He deigned to grant to his disciples the privilege of having an easy access to him. The three principal objectives of the conferences of devotees are:—
  • formation of ideal household life (Adarsha Grihastha Jiban Gathan)
  • to consolidate the power of corporations (Sangha Saktir Prathistha) and
  • interchange of spiritual experiences (Bhaba Binimaya).
The mission of Srimat Swami Nigamananda Paramhansadev is to establish universal brotherhood by harmonizing all religions and preaching the message of the everlasting in a non-communal way and to endow humanity with the supreme gift of realizing the fundamental essence of the soul.

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